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Download forge for 1.12.2 (On the Forge site click show all and find version

Run it and install in suggested location(see screenshot).

Run Launcher

Go to tab Installations, click New.

Set a name for your installation, and select version release 1.12.2-forge...-.2838 in Version list.
I would also suggest you to create a different folder for this instance( you can do it inside .minecraft folder ) and set it in Game directory.

Run this instance. Make sure you selected it first on the left from big Play button in your launcher. This first run will create needed folders.

Now download the ModPack from this link 

Open the zip file and copy the next folders to your recently created instance folder: config, mods, scripts.

Run the pack again.

wait for the client to launch on the minecraft screen, multiplayer selection, add new server, in the name entry enter "HeroxWar" while in the address write ""

Save and Join in the server.

Once logged into the server, if you are a new user you will need to register with the command "/register password password", if you have already registered you just need to "/login password".
Are you PREMIUM? How about enabling auto login? Click here to learn how.

when you enter the Lobby, select the slot with the compass and click with the right or left button, a menu will open, click the IRON PICKAXE with the RIGHT button!