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⚜️ HeroxVote ⚜️

🥇 Pronabbo 215
🎁  +(Tot Votes of April x2)HV  = 430HV - Global

🥈 KenHaise 213
🎁 20€ (BuyCraft) - Global

🥉 MinePIetro12590 209
🎁  Vip Ade/Herox - OPFaction/SkyBlock

Listed players are requested to contact a staffer in private on Telegram to collect their prize.
  I giocatori elencati devono contattare uno staffer in privato su Telegram per ritirare il proprio premio.

🧜‍♀️Thanks to all for the support.

👀Below there are listed the rewards for the next month (May)
  Di seguito vi sono elencati i premi per il prossimo mese (Maggio)

🥇 Your HV x2 - Global
🥈 50€ BuyCraft - Global
🥉 Vip Infinity/Patron (Monthly) - OPFaction/SkyBlock/Vanilla


⚜️ Vanilla ⚜️

Hello everyone, we are back with a new #missions dedicated to the Vanilla mode, in which the aim is to build, find or perform certain actions...

...This week, we decided to challenge you in the realization of a Pikachu, the best buildings will be awarded with

[Immagine: photo-2020-04-20-20-36-48.jpg]

🥇 3 Weeks of KeepInventory (olso in PVP)
🥈 2 Mending Books
🥉 1 Beacon

To participate, just create a Land with the name pikachu_(put your nickname here) and then contact a staffer in the game or on Telegram to add you to the list of participants (you can also participate in TEAM!)

You have until Monday 27 April, good luck to everyone and may the best win!


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